Who we are?

We provide customised and specialised services to improve production processes.

UTILPROJECT provides integral services to meet customers’ needs and demands with an end to improving productivity in manufacturing processes.

We work very closely with our customers to develop projects that are tailored to each and every company’s specific needs. This results in greater competitiveness and optimal quality in the final product.

Our company specializes in a range of sectors; automotive, electronics, agro-food, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Where we are?

UTILPROJECT is located in the town of Artés, just a one hour drive from Barcelona and 2 Km off the C-25 highway.
Carrer Tarragona, 16, 08671, Artés, Barcelona.
Coordenades: 41º47’48.9″ N 1º56’56.8″ E
41.796924, 1.949104

Work with us

Due to continuous changes in the markets, UTILPROJECT is looking for companies to work with in the future, which may include new clients, suppliers or companies and we are also interested in joint projects, be it for specific jobs or ongoing ventures.

We are also looking for qualified people to expand our team.